Wednesday, November 22, 2006

No time to sleep? No problem. (So far.)

Many (most) of us don't get enough sleep, and we know it.

We know that we should get eight hours of sleep each and every night to maintain optimal brain function. But honestly, who can do that?

That might be a problem of the past with a whole new category of designer, "lifestyle" drugs that can keep you awake and aware without any of the side effects of caffeine, nicotine, or meth.

There are also a several new drugs that put you to sleep and actually get you rested instead of the crappy unconscious induced sleep that the current "hypnotic" sleeping pills provide.

Other than the device that charges parts of your brain with DC power to put you to sleep or wake you up at the flick of a switch, this stuff sounds like a pretty good deal to me... but I have the feeling that this will get abused, just like every other powerful drug designed to make out lives easier.

I would write more... but I'm just sooo sleeeeeeepy... ;)

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TracieLacy said...

Getting too much sleep can make you tired also.