Friday, February 10, 2006

The Democracy of Chavez

This is for all you "progressives" out there who somehow believe that Cesar Chavez ("democratically elected" dictator of Venezuela) is any kind of a good guy.

Investors' Business Daily: Calling Jimmy Carter

This really doesn't explain why all of the Pseudo-Commi democrat Senators and Congress people, along with good ol' Cindy Sheehan, look up to this guy like he's the Messiah... or does it? Most of the folks who worship this guy are basically Anti-American, i.e.: anti capitalism, anti free trade, anti defense, anti war on terror, etc... And who better to represent their deepest desires for an end to American capitalism, conservatism, and especially George W. Bush, than some dictator in some far off land where they can (almost) safely shoot off their mouths with anti-American, anti-Bush rhetoric and not get called on it?

I don't understand.

And through this all, wouldn't you thing that these touchie-feelie democrats would want to defend the rights of a woman to speak freely without fear of persecution (or worse)?

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