Thursday, December 28, 2006

Blizzard Blog 2006 pt 4


Betty in the parking lot at work freezing her somethingerother off.
(1:00pm 20 Dec)

Corner of College and Harmony in Fort Collins on the way home.
(2:30pm 20 Dec)

Betty, stuck, up to her eyeballs in a snowdrift trying to get into my condo parking lot. Turns out she gets high-centered fairly easy!
(3:30 20 Dec)

The pretty side effect of 23" of snow: a nice view of a white Longs Peak looking west, just north of Longmont.
(8:30am 22 Dec)

In conclusion, here is my strategy for getting through a blizzard in a rear wheel drive car that does not have good tires: get a full tank of gas (the day before); some weight (like a big floor jack) in your trunk; put a shovel in the passenger seat (scares hitchhikers and good for digging out); don't try to drive through unplowed :( streets; and air-down your tires to about 20 psi (just don't forget to fill 'em back up!).

Looks like I'll get to try out my strategy again sooner than later...


Matt :o) said...

I'm gonna have to start re-sizing my pictures. Those things are huge!

TracieLacy said...

Cool! Now where the pics of you?

Matt :o) said...

I try to stay behind the camera most of the time. :P