Tuesday, October 09, 2007

I want it more often than I get it

Aventures in creepy Gchat*, with Mel and Matt:

Melissa: I want [removed for drama]!
Matt: Me too. I want it more often than I get it though.
Melissa: That too
And for it to be longer.
Matt: Yeah, either one, really.
Longer would probably be the more useful.

What was "removed for drama" in the totally productive, easily taken out of context, work-time conversation?

"The weekend!"

Duh. What were you thinking? Sicko.

*Gchat is actually referring to the Google Talk chat application that works inside of Gmail and as a stand alone program, not the "graphical webbase chat with a lot of features" made by gchats.com.


Melissa said...

tee hee. people are going to think we never get any actual work done... oh, wait...

Pookie said...

yea that's the general impression i think ;o)