Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Runaway bride

So does anyone remember that lady that was "abducted and sexually assaulted" a few days before her wedding in Georgia last year and somehow wound up in New Mexico? She faked the whole thing

Well apparently that stunt wasn't enough for her. Now the Runaway bride is sueing for half a million dollars.

I don't even have anything to say... other than if I was her fiance, I would regret looking for her so hard the first time around.


TracieLacy said...

Hasn't she made a big enough fool of herself?

Matt :o) said...

One would think, but I guess some people are tough to please. That's sad times.

Alyssa said...

Look at the crazy bride's eyes... does that not freak you out?

Matt :o) said...

That does totally freak me out. But it definitely help in her aura of crazyness. If she ever wants to plead insanity for anything she's just got to look at the judge for a few minutes and he'll be convinced.