Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Microsoft's True Opt-In

Microsoft announced a release date for Windows 10 recently (July 29th) and rolled out their free update program as well.  Current users of Windows 7 or 8/8.1 will have one year to claim their free update to Windows 10, after that they will have to purchase a update.  

I received the little windows icon in my tray yesterday telling me to "Get Windows 10", so of course I clicked it.  I clicked through their info screen and was ready to put in my email so they could confirm my "reservation", when I noticed the omnipresent advertising/marketing opt-in was unchecked by default!  

Many (most?) software companies leave this box checked and hope that you won't think to change it so they can get your "permission" to send you junk email or install some other, probably unwanted, program along with the primary one.  (I'm looking at you, Adobe.)

I just thought that it was admirable that Microsoft took the high road and didn't rope users into opting in to even more junk email that they don't need and won't read anyway.  Thanks!