Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Ho Hum

While TheNextWeb seems to think that "This short BBC documentary is the spookiest thing you’ll see today", it really isn't.  Unless you're very easily spooked, I suppose.

What it is, is a very well done piece on The World Hum, or simply The Hum, which doesn't try to draw any conclusions of its own.  This is good, because possible explanations range from mental disorders to government conspiracy.

The Hum is an unexplained worldwide phenomenon where certain people experience a very low, very annoying humming noise that can't be pinpointed and most people don't hear at all.  While I have never heard this noise, I have on occasion been able to hear my own blood flow and other internal sounds that could otherwise be hard to explain.

It also reminded me how much I love that the BBC video player's volume control goes to eleven.

Neglectful blogger... Again

Wow, over a year since my last post.  I really am a neglectful blogger!  Although, calling myself a blogger at all is really a bit of a stretch.  But that's another story.

There are a couple of main reasons that I haven't been updating my blog recently.  For one, I don't feel like I have much to say these days.  But a lot of people write stuff on the internet all of the time who really don't have anything to say, and that doesn't stop them!  Some of them are even paid for it, theoretically.  I guess I'd just like to think that I hold myself to a slightly higher standard when I actually "publish" something online.  (Haha)

Another reason is that I just don't spend much time at an actual computer anymore.  My job is such that I'm always up, moving around, dealing with all the minor disasters of a busy coffee shop; not sitting at a desk.  If I have idle time between tasks / disasters, I may pull out my phone and check the news / weather / Instagram, but I can't just pop open a new browser tab and work on a blog post.

Well, I guess I could work on a blog post from my phone... but... really?  There are so many more friction-free publishing and sharing platforms that were created for and optimized to phones, that it's just not worth the effort to try to write more than a few lines from my phone in between everything else.  I post to Instagram only a few times a week, occasionally Tweet, and only rarely do anything on Facebook, so actually writing a blog post is a bar too high.

Plus, I loose my train of thought too quickly!

This is actually a perfect example of reason number one for not blogging!  I've written half a page, and I haven't actually said anything that is of any use to anyone.  Oh well, at least I can be pretty sure that no one will actually take the time to read my maunderings!