Monday, October 29, 2007

Facebook Users Worth $300 Each Per Year

There is a story in Editor and Publisher magazine saying that "a newspaper reader in 2004 was worth $964 a year." While that has apparently slipped to only $500 per year (for several reasons, i.e.: teh interweb), Jeff Jarvis relates this line of thinking to the current, seemingly insane, $15 Billion valuation of social networking site Facebook, reasoning that each Facebook user is worth $300 per year. (I would imagine that this means advertising revenue, but I was too lazy to click through to read the entire article.)

$300 a year doesn't seem like that crazy of a number (less than $1 a day), so maybe that $15 Billion is not quite so insane.

How much revenue are you worth to Facebook? And if you don't facebook, why not?

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Happy Birthday, uh, Everything!

On this day in history in 4004 B.C. the world began.
This is Creation Day, that is according to bishop James Usher (1581—1656). Usher scrutinised the time scale in the Old Testament and by careful and assiduous study, calculated that the world was nearly 6,000 year old, having been created on 23rd October 4004 B.C. at nine o’clock in the morning.
I, for one, believe that God's "days" are one heck of a lot longer than our days and that the Earth is way ass-older than 6003 or so years. Not to say that God didn't create the world, I'm just pretty sure that it was a lot slower process. But, for those out there who take a literal approach to the Bible, Happy Birthday, Everything.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Rockies Sweep! World Series Baby!

Rockies 6, Diamondbacks 4.
The Colorado Rockies have swept the National League Championship Series and move onto the World Series!

Yeah, baby!!!!

(I should not have stayed up this late to listen to the end of the game!)

So, you have 5,000 friends, eh? You just keep telling youself that.

Apparently, Dave Winer and Robert Scoble agree with each other that Facebook sucks. Mr Winer thinks it sucks because they "get inbetween (sic) me and my address book," while Mr Scoble doesn't like the limit imposed on the number of friends you can have, notwithstanding that the number is 5,000.

They and some of their commenters go on to bemoan the fact that Gmail limits you to 10,000 email addresses, that the main turn-off of Facebook is it's "walled garden," and other such nonsense.

So, naturally, I had to comment back, as others did, and point out the utter silliness of their complaints, and seeing as I think I did a pretty good job the first time around, I'm not going to rephrase it:
@Everyone who things that 5k FB friends and 10k Gmail contacts is unreasonable: Must I remind you that you are using a "free" (as in beer) service that you signed/clicked-yes-to an EULA with? If the product that you have not made any investment in is not good enough for you, get another!
FB calls them "friends" for a reason, and I am pretty confident that you do not have 5000 actual friends. If you are only using FB/Gmail as a distribution list for newsletters, etc, and it's not good enough for you, purchase a specialized program that will manage that many contacts for you with no limit. Or, as mentioned above, just start a group and accomplish the same things. I'm sure you would have no problem getting all 5000 of your "friends" to join up.
Basically, guys, so sorry about your tough luck, but I, and most of the other approximately 34 million users, don't care.

BTW, I only have 103 Facebook friends.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

I want it more often than I get it

Aventures in creepy Gchat*, with Mel and Matt:

Melissa: I want [removed for drama]!
Matt: Me too. I want it more often than I get it though.
Melissa: That too
And for it to be longer.
Matt: Yeah, either one, really.
Longer would probably be the more useful.

What was "removed for drama" in the totally productive, easily taken out of context, work-time conversation?

"The weekend!"

Duh. What were you thinking? Sicko.

*Gchat is actually referring to the Google Talk chat application that works inside of Gmail and as a stand alone program, not the "graphical webbase chat with a lot of features" made by

Friday, October 05, 2007

On Life and Conversation

Life is a conversation. When we enter it’s already going on. We try to catch the drift of it. We exit before it’s over.
--Kenneth Burke

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Verizon probably can't un-brainwash people with their new phone

Regarding the new Verizon / LG "iPhone killer" Voyager, Farpoint Group analyst Craig Mathias says: "Apple is unique in high tech, in that they are not just a manufacturer, marketer and brand. They are, rather, a destination, and many people would simply never consider buying a product competitive with Apple’s rendition of same."

Isn't that sad? That otherwise (relatively) intelligent people, who are so blinded by their lurv for all things Apple, would "never consider" anything else? I guess that's why they call it the Cult of Apple.

Monday, October 01, 2007

"Un-Freaking-Beleavable" -- Go Rockies!

Yay! The Colorado Rockies just won the sudden-death tie-breaker game with the San Diego Padres, 9 to 8, to clench the National League Wildcard spot in the post-season playoffs. This was only the seventh one-game playoff in the history of Major League Baseball.

It took the Rockies 13 innings, 10 pitchers, and four hours and forty minutes to beat the Padres in a genuinely wild game. Now they travel to Philadelphia to take on the Phillies on Wednesday in the first round of the NL playoffs. Tonight's game was the 14th win of the last 15 games, so you know the Rockies are playing some really good baseball, and with an MVP candidate and a Rookie of the Year candidate on the roster, I hope they keep it up!

Even if they get swept in Philly, this has been the winningest season in team history, and this season saw a club record eleven-game winning streak just a couple of weeks ago. This is/was a great year for baseball in Colorado.

And this great finish the the regular season just a few short months after people were calling for the Rockies' manager's head on a platter. Oh, what a difference a few wins makes.

The last time the Rockies won the NL Wildcard was twelve years ago, today. Just for a little perspective, that was 1995, the same year that OJ Simpson was acquitted of murder. I think the state of Colorado needs a win!

Rockies rally to beat Padres in NL wildcard thriller - Guardian Unlimited Sport

Rockies' hard work rewarded big-time - The Official Site of The Colorado Rockies

Super Happy Fun Land, The Tour!

Oh my freaking God! To think that I have friends who actually went there!
Not kosher. At all.