Saturday, August 27, 2005

Starbucks Cup Wisdom

The Way I See It #22

"Everywhere, unthinking mobs of "“independent thinkers"” wield tired cliches like cudgels, pummeling those who dare question"enlightened"” dogma. If "violence never solved anything,"” cops wouldn'’t have guns and slaves may never have been freed. If it'’s better that 10 guilty men go free to spare one innocent, why not free 100 or 1,000,000? Cliches begin arguments, they don't settle them."
--Jonah Goldberg

(Read the whole thing and an interview here, and visit the National Review Online here.)

So, I went to Starbucks the other day, and got the "Enzyte" sized Mocha. And partially hidden behind the environmentally friendly unbleached recycled paper java wrap was the above quoted conservative quote. How did a thing of such beauty and reason end up printed in soy ink on the side of a paper cup in this haven of Birkinstocks and half-caff-soy-light foam-chia-lattes?

Sitting in the fuzzy 6 a.m. Starbucks bubble with a friend of mine musing on this thought, I nearly made myself, and her,
late for work.

But, back to my quick discussion: Aside from being a clever quip, Mr. Goldgerg makes a very good point. These saying and
cliches do nothing to further any kind of discussion or argument, unless it happens to be about how stupid the statment it was. I like to argue and duscuss things; with those to argee and those who disagree with me. But when the person I am talking with either lacks the knowledge or wherewithall to defend their position without resorting to pedi attacks and silly quotes, it just doesn't seem worth my time.

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