Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Swing-jury: Roll-up 2

Who knew that my injurious adventures in swing dancing could get much worse?

Part 1 of my Roll-up injuries involving belt-induced rug burns on my arms was reported recently, and here, apparently, is part 2.

This time I managed to get kicked in the right eye by my partner's left heel. (Different partner this time.) To my amazement, I not only managed not to drop her, but I was not bleeding and my glasses were not in multiple pieces lying on the ground - the things survived with only a minor scratch to the lens.

My eye, on the other hand, didn't fare as well as I initially thought. No blood, I can still see straight, etc, so I figured I was fine. However, the next day my eye began to hurt worse and worse, til I finally left work to go to the eye doctor, who is apparently no longer covered by my insurance. She proceeded to inspect my eye and dug some bits of dirt and debris out with what looked like a sterile toothpick and inform me that I was lucky that nothing was scratched, but my orbital was bruised and I had an infection in my eye that would require a 4-times-a-day-for-seven-days regiment of an expensive prescription.

Oh well, at least I can still see, my $350 glasses are (mostly) alright, and my infection should go away in under a week. For now it just stings and kinda hurts to blink, but I think I'll survive.

The top picture was about an hour after the incident, and this one was this afternoon. Luckily I don't bruise too bad.