Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Hurricanes: One More Thing You Probably Cannot Blame On Global Warming

Soil samples from the Grande Playa lagoon in Puerto Rico have given US scientists insight into the last 5,000 years of Atlantic hurricanes. The samples suggest that recent devastating storms may not necessarily be linked to global warming.

Hurricanes... regularly struck the lagoon between 5,450 and 3,650 years ago. This period of intense hurricane activity was interrupted only briefly by a 150 year respite. After that period, there were only few hurricanes -- until about 2,550 years ago, when an interval characterized by a relatively high number of strong hurricanes began, continuing until the next quite phase, which began about 1,050 years ago. But during the last 300 years, the lagoon has once more been exposed to a higher number of violent hurricanes -- just as the unpleasant storms have been multiplying elsewhere as well.
Haha! Take that hippies.

Just one more example of the lunacy and premature jumping-to-conclusions that the wacko-environmental leftists are capable of, slapped around a bit by actual science.

Read Franziska Badenschier's whole article from Spiegel Online here.

Btw... it is raining like a sonofabitch here. Sheesh!

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