Thursday, July 12, 2007

Facebook in the news

Facebook seems to have been getting a lot more attention from the "real" media these days than it has in the past, and most of it seems to be pretty possitive. Unlike the reactionary stories of (potential) stalking and security concerns and the ensueing (mock) outrage when Mark Zuckerberg introduced the News Feed feature and then opened Facebook's membership up to the whole world, they are now getting coverage on CNN and in Time.

Apparently there is a new found fascination that these new - mostly older - members have with their new online toy. They seem to mostly embrace the "real identity" that Facebook provides and holds people too. Unlike MySpace with it's crypto-pseudo-identities which a lot of people are not comfortable with, on Facebook you are who you say you are. If you search for my name, my profile (or some portion thereof) shows up. Obviously, a lot of people are more comfortable knowing that they are talking to who they think they are.

Anyways... here is a good article from AllThingsD's Kara Swisher on this topic, and below is the video they reference.

Like they say in the article, "You can ignore Cox’s typical ruminations on Facebook being voyeuristic and elitist (of course and who cares)."

Yay Facebook.

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Pookie said...

It is funny to listen to people analize (mispelled I know)our internet distractions.