Monday, September 24, 2007

Grüvr: Robert Earl Keen Tour

How sweet is this:

A live-ish map of Robert Earl Keen's current road tour brought to the Internet by as mush-up between Google Maps and the concert schedules found on MySpace by Grüvr.

As of today, the map shows REK appearing in Fort Collins, CO on Wednesday the 26th, a show which I hope I can make it to!


Anonymous said...

looks great mon!

You can give it your email in just one click and it will remind you about that show and tell you about any more when your fave bands come within 90 miles or so... Ima gonna Digg this

Anonymous said...

dugg it here

mnthomp said...

Thanks, "anonymous," I've never been Digg-ed before. It is a nifty mash-up though.

Here is the Digg url not cut off: