Monday, June 02, 2008

Economics, Beer, and a New Sexual Identity

Just a short roundup of what I thought was cool today on the Internets:

**Battle of the Sexes: Dr Lott examines why our government has gotten so big.
"What changed [regarding expansion of the federal gov't] before Roosevelt [and the 'new deal'] came to power that explains the growth of government? The answer is women's suffrage."

**NY Times names my favorite beer, their favorite beer!
"Still, our No. 1 bitter was an American brew, the beautifully mellow Sawtooth Ale from Left Hand, which I felt was a dead ringer for a British bitter right down to the gentle carbonation."

**The Daily Mail knows what women want: a "Retrosexual" man.
"Gone is the metrosexual man, now women have been demanding the return of the real men, like Indiana Jones."



Pookie said...

mmmm :o)

Jessi said...

Yes! Why would I want a guy who spends more time grooming than me? I call this the "Tool Belt Factor" (why do our conversations keep coming to tools??). Indy, for example, has a high TBF, coupled with some professor smarts. S-E-X-Y!