Monday, November 09, 2009

Berlin Wall vs Sesame Street

Or, "Can you show me how to get; how to get to West Germany?"

I know Google is not required to agree with me on their choice of homepage logo doodles for a particular day, but doesn't the fall of the Berlin wall on this day twenty years ago seem a little bit more significant than the fortieth anniversary of the Sesame Street show?

Could be just me, I suppose.


Jessi said...

Lame! I've been thoroughly enjoying the Sesame Street art, but yeah, Berlin Wall is *kinda* a big deal.

Melissa said...

my dad has a piece of the berlin wall that he chipped off!

mnthomp said...

@Jessi Yeah, you know, end of the Cold War, reunification of Germany, kinda major.

@Mel That's awesome! A literal piece of history.

The Wanderer said...

Could be that the designers for Google don't remember the fall of the wall, or they are still watching Sesame Street. :P