Thursday, June 09, 2011

Les Paul's Birthday Google Doodle

Even though Les Paul passed away in 2009, he will always be remembered as the father of the solid body electric guitar as well as multi-track recording.  Plus, he was one heck of a guitar picker!  For what would have been his 96th birthday, Google has unveiled probably their coolest interactive Doodle yet - the electric guitar doodle.  After the fact you can probably see a picture of it at, but you'd better hurry up and and try it out now!

You can just aimlessly pluck strings with your mouse pointer, or you can use your keyboard for a bit more precision   Here's a link to me slowly tapping out "Happy Birthday" -  Not sure how long the link will last, but it's pretty nifty while it does!  (My version of Happy Birthday is played "5565 887 5565 998 5508 8876 440898")

Also check out and the Wikipedia entry on him.

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