Thursday, March 14, 2013

Chinese "Unrestricted Warfare"

Interesting, if slightly reactionary, article from Quartz (aka: The Atlantic's hipster wing) about the origins of China's (recently confirmed) cyber binge and their designs on being able to defeat their number one frenemy, the US.

I'm not sure how much to make of the original material or the author's take on this.  I feel that he may not be very familiar with the lofty rhetoric that the Chinese government and military like to toss around and could be reading a little more into the twenty year old reports than is reasonable.  Although I could be wrong, and China could be ready to flood the US with opium, crash our currency, and start setting worldwide fashion trends.  Er... maybe.

Or maybe he's under the odd delusion that China has ever or will ever follow the rules on anything.  Despite what CCTV might tell you, rule of law still doesn't seem that popular here.

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