Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Senate Frustration

So, does Ken Salazar not have any spine? Or maybe it's just that he flip-flopped on a major issue, just like his party likes to do. Or maybe he's just a flat out liar.

Of course, I am referring to Colorado Senator Ken Salazar's position on the appointment of judges to the Federal Court of Appeals. We all know the senator's current oppinion on this issue. And that is to follow the other liberals in the Senate and filibuster President Bush's court appointments and not allow an up or down vote on the senate floor. Apparently this has not been done for 214 years, so presidents is not exactly on their side.

But since we all know that, does anyone remember what Mr. Salazar said to the people of Colorado when he was running for Senate? He looked us in the eye (or camera) and told us that he would not filibuster judicial appointments and would vote up or down, just as Senate is meant to.

So that raises my initial question: is Ken Salazar a liar? Or does he just bend whichever way the Beltway wind blows?

I am sure that Senator Salazar is a fine person, a good man, etc., but as a Senator he seams to be lacking. But, Colorado, that's what we get for electing a so-called "moderate" democrat to the United State's highest deliberative body, the U.S. Senate.


But if we go beyond Ken Salazar for a moment, and on to what may be the much bigger issue here, we find what may be the underlying issue. I am not referring to the "anti-Christian" sentiment of liberals in positions of power, because I am not going to question the convictions of many good people. But I am referring to the lack of gumtion that the republican party, at least republican senators, are currently demonstrating. The prevailing attitude of this party seems to be compromise equals victory. They start with something they want (and legally have the power and votes to implement), let liberals and special interests whittle away 50% of it, and call it a victory for conservatives.

This half-assed attitude, I have no doubt, will alienate their "republican base" and cause a loss of the senate to the democrats. It sure tickes me off, and I am pretty sure I am less reactionary than a lot of folks.

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