Monday, April 18, 2005

Tonight's Near Death Experience

Ok, so it's not really that near death. Mmm... so not even close.

Monday night's are practice for Blam, CSU Swing Society's performance troupe. Since we are nearing the end of the school semester (only one more practice this year) we were reviewing some of the choreography that we had learned thus far. After a painful hour-or-so of the Big Apple (which I didn't learn so well b/c my knee was still too bad to do it) we moved on to "The California Routine." It's a good time. There are two aireals involved that we don't know yet, so we were going to learn them. I practiced the first move, a Lindy Flip, with one of our peoples and it was going pretty well, but then I attemped it with my regular dance partner... who we'll call "M"... and it was kind of a failure. So, try it again. And again... But to no avail. So, because we're stuborn, we've got to try it again... back-step, down-push! And M doesn't make it all the way around, comes down half on top of me and manages to step on my hand which I had put down to avoid falling over. Good times.

So that was tonght's near death experience. Really not that bad, but my hand is still a little red. I'm sure I'll survive.

Living to Blog another day!

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Melissa said...

Sorry about that...

i personally think we are RICO SUAVE and graceful.

And noisy dancers.

but who cares!!