Friday, September 15, 2006


This is pretty high quality. Both amusing an very truthy.
Confused by Democratic gubernatorial candidate Bill Ritter's comments on the campaign trail?

Well, the Colorado Republican Party is happy to offer its very own guide to Ritterspeak.

• Col-o-rad-o (noun) - Denver.

• Dem-o-crat (noun) - 1. Doom- and-gloom, tax-hiking, big-spending, big-government liberal. 2. Bill Ritter.

• gun (noun) - 1. A very scary object. 2. Something that should be carried only by officers of the law. 3. Something that cannot be concealed.

• mar-riage (noun) - 1. Definition unclear. (adj.) 2. Definition subject to change.

• wild-life (noun) - An exhibit at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science.

• wa-ter (noun) - Substance Bill Ritter uses to make his lawn green.

--Rocky Mountain News September 12th
Needless to say, this was posted on Bob Beauprez's Facebook profile the other day. (Yes, the geniouses over at Facebook not only decided to stalkerize it, they decided to politicize it as well. Oi.)

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