Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Holocaust? What Halocaust?

Wacko-fundamentalist Muslim and dictator - I mean, uh, president - of the terrorist state Iran, Mahmoud Ahmedinejad is once again claiming that the Holocaust never happened with his new, state-sponsored conference, Review of the Holocaust: Global Vision, yesterday. He also reasserted his belief that "Israel be wiped off the map."

There are many, many articles and columns out there today regarding this idiotic meeting of historical revisionists, anti-zionists, and other crack pots. The ones below are a few that I picked:
It was reported that about 60 protesters chanted "death to the dictator" and burned photographs of Ahmedinejad in the first protests since the he became president 18 months ago. I would guess that there is a pretty good chance that we may never hear from some of those 60 people again.

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These events and many that are similar are reported on at least a weekly basis from Iran and Ahmadinejad's rule. These events outrage the vast majority of the world, including the UN, Europeans, and American democrats. Yet the world approach in dealing with this dictator is still appeasement.

It is pretty clear what happens when a crazy dictator is appeased without end. If you forgot, ask the Germans. Or the French. Or the Jews.

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Pookie said...

Wow the title kinda scared me but I think most people would agree with you there.