Monday, December 04, 2006

More Cold Things

I'm cold. And it's not just my heart. ;)

The boiler at our office that heats the downstairs - where I am - is not working right this morning. When I got here at 7 it was about 60 degrees in my dang office! Now it's warned up to somewhere around 68, but wowzers, it was chilly in here.

And drafty. My "back door" in my office leaks the (cold) outside air in near the handle. I would fix it with some duct tape, but it gets used way too often for that.

And now, cold things from my trip to Frisco, CO last Thursday.

This is a picture of the stereo and heater controls of the relatively-pimp, champagne colored Buick from work that I drove three hours and 135 miles (one way) up to Summit County (where the ski areas are) to check out a job. When I left Fort Collins at 5:45 a.m., the exterior temperature display (at the bottom of the picture read -1 degrees. By the time I got into Frisco, elevation 9042 feet, the temp outside was -13. Fahrenheit. Thirteen degrees below zero. Burrr! At least the sun was out; and it did warm all the way up to 9 above by the time I left town at noon-thirty.

And this is some mountain that sits to the south-west of Frisco. Maybe Breckenridge Mountain? I thought it was further south, but who knows. If there is a ski resort on this one, it's on the back side.

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