Monday, October 29, 2007

Facebook Users Worth $300 Each Per Year

There is a story in Editor and Publisher magazine saying that "a newspaper reader in 2004 was worth $964 a year." While that has apparently slipped to only $500 per year (for several reasons, i.e.: teh interweb), Jeff Jarvis relates this line of thinking to the current, seemingly insane, $15 Billion valuation of social networking site Facebook, reasoning that each Facebook user is worth $300 per year. (I would imagine that this means advertising revenue, but I was too lazy to click through to read the entire article.)

$300 a year doesn't seem like that crazy of a number (less than $1 a day), so maybe that $15 Billion is not quite so insane.

How much revenue are you worth to Facebook? And if you don't facebook, why not?


Pookie said...

hmmm this makes me think facebook should give me a percentage of "my value" ;o)

mnthomp said...

Well, since, unlike newspapers, Facebook doesn't cost anything, they probably deserve to keep what they make off of us. Especially those of us that don't really click through any of their ads.