Thursday, January 31, 2008

Obama Hopes for Change - Mike Rosen

Just a couple of things to keep in mind if you were considering backing Barak "The Magic" Obama, from radio talk show host and Rocky Mountain News columnist Mike Rosen's recent column:

While Hillary appeals to Democratic grownups, Obama scores with idealistic young liberals who've been turning out in record numbers. He's their Bobby Kennedy. Since perception is reality in politics, the perception of Obama as the vehicle for utopian change could get him elected president.

It's been noted that the problem with the younger generation is that they haven't read the minutes of the last meeting. That is, what's seems new to them isn't new at all; it's just new to them. As for independents, they're typically naive about the nature of real-world politics in our two-party system. Calling for change is a cliche. The party out of power always calls for change and reform. But change isn't always for the better.

This phenomenon of idealistic young'uns is also known as "freshman syndrome." The new (to them) idea of the moment is the most revolutionary, coolest, best idea ever and they are sure glad that they thought of it. [I.e.: "Why don't we just get all the world leaders together in one big room and talk out the world's problems? It would be the end of war, famine, disease..."] Little do they realize that there are very few new ideas out there anymore, at least in the political realm.

And for those believing that a President Obama would usher in a new era of bipartisanship, remember this:
In the Senate, Obama's voting record has been sharply to the left of Hillary's already liberal one. And he's the man who's going to bring America together? His candidacy has been a parade of platitudes. They might get cheers from fawning audiences on the campaign trail but they're not worth much when it comes to making wise decisions in the Oval Office.

But, I guess if you're just into hoping for a change, good luck with that.

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