Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Complicated Ideas

Do people who use big, complicated words when explaining a difficult, abstract, concept to someone who obviously does not understand or has very limited knowledge of the subject truly know what they are talking about?  Or are they just using the big words as a way of exhibiting their supposed intellectual superiority over the less knowledgeable or informed person, when in fact they themselves do not fully grasp the topic, and thus cannot break it down and explain it to a normal person?

There are obviously cases to support both sides of this argument, but I feel that the truly brilliant people are those who can convey a complicated idea to an average person without them lapsing into a coma.  


Pookie said...

yikes! I agree for the most part. You might try to look at it like they just assume you vocabulary is much larger than it really is because you just scream intellegent ;0)

Anonymous said...

agreed. I know a number of people who feel the need to do that (and most of them seem to be philosophers). Anyway, hope you are having a good summer.