Friday, May 05, 2006

Skinny Jeans?

In this New York Times article, A New Size for Denim: Extra Tight, the (male) writer reviews what appears to be the new, hot trend in fashion: Skinny Jeans. As I read him describe these "tight fitting" and "high waisted" new styles, I could not keep visions of the 1987 Jordache Ass-Back Series III infamy out of my head. But these skinny, stretchy jeans are not only for women. Oh no, my friend, these Keith-Richards-meets-Iggy-Pop styles are for men.

Men who would wear spandex bicycle pants out on the town, if only they had pockets.

But I'm afraid that you could read the date off of a dime if you did put anything in these pockets

But with prices reaching the $500+ range, the pocket where your wallet goes won't have anything to hold anyway.

As a relatively skinny person, and therefore not really having an ass to speak of, there is a chance these jeans could finally give me a chance to show off what I've got. But more likely, they would just be an embar-ass-ing reminder that I'm not a ridiculously good looking male model. (Pose.)

The article goes on to say that this currently New York / Paris trend will sweep the whole country by the fall of 2006, and that it will last around two years.

This, I am not looking forward to. As I have just recently found some of the apparently now out of style boot-cut jeans that I like and that fit me OK, I don't think that I will be making the jump to the "skinny jeans" any time soon. Unless, of course, I'm wearing a cowboy hat and there's a Skoal ring in the back pocket. ;)

Plus, none of the dudes in the picture have belts on.

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Pookie said...

Hmmm as a card carring member of the "got an ass" club, I don't think this is a good thing either. I say we stock up on jeans that fit and hold out for 2 years. I say boycott!