Monday, June 19, 2006

Don't try this at home!

Francis’ Weblog » How not to fix an iPod shuffle

This one gets filed under What Not To Do and Learning From The Mistakes of Others.

As someone who loves to take stuff apart - broken or not - this should hopefully serve as a reminder that some things are tough to get apart for a reason. Now, I don't think I'd ever try to take my Shuffle apart (since it was free to me and there's really nothing to fix), but I have been very tempted to take Carlos, my Rio Karma mp3 player apart to attempt a hard drive swap. I'm pretty sure the Karma is held together with screws though, so it should be a little less hazardous of an attempt.

I also want to take apart my old cell phone and integrate it into the sole of a shoe, Get Smart style. But, I think that is another story for another time.

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Pookie said...

Oooh! I think you should and make other gadgets too!!