Wednesday, June 21, 2006

TV in Japan

Okay, so this may be just about the best thing ever. This guy, Gavin Purcell, a 31-year-old TV producer from Los Angeles, scowers the globe to populate his video blog with the best of the best of what's on TV. In Japan.

TV in Japan

It is way OTT. You know you've made it as an Internet phenomenon when the Wall Street Journal writes you up in their "Time Wasters" section, here (might require the subscription).

Mr Purcell says that his blog attracts "especially those not in that first circle of nerd-dom." His blog apparently has many devoted fans: "A lot of British people, a lot of Spanish people, people from all over Europe," he says. "I think it goes to show you that Japanese weirdness really resonates around the globe."

That's right: Japanese weirdness.

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