Thursday, June 01, 2006

Just Call Me Tiger

Bad-ass self portrait of me being a bad-ass golfer on the OU campus golf course in Norman, Oklahoma. Yay for camera self-timers, eh?

Took this picture in April with the York (air conditioning, etc.) sales guys flew me and a couple other guys out to OKC (to the Will Rodgers World Airport, no less) to tour their manufacturing facility in Norman. Very cool plant.

But I just remembered this picture for two reasons: a) my company's annual golf tourniment is next weekend; and b) I just bought $200 in golf clubs off the internet. Oi. This will be my third round of golf ever. It's going to be sad.

And yeah, I'm not really a bad-ass golfer. The picture is an ass-shot though. Future in modeling anyone? LOL.


Pookie said...

Aww you don't need to be good at golfing all you have to do is schmooze.

Anonymous said...

Um....prolly no modeling for you...altho we could incorporate this into our interpretive dance class!