Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Blacks, Islamics, Commis

Here is some good reading for today.  Not all of it is from today, but I think you know what I mean.  These articles cover a lot of ground: from race relations to Israel to interstate commerce; but I don’t think that’s too much for one day.  Plus, I’m sure they’re all related somehow.  

First up, “How Liberals Injure Blacks” by Dennis Prager is an interesting article exploring how our efforts towards “political correctness” lead to hurting the very people PC types feel need the most protection.  

“The Real Religion of ‘Peace’” by Jonathan Tobin and “The Middle East Conflict is Hard to Solve but Easy to Explain” by Dennis Prager look at the Middle East and Jewish / Muslim relations in a straight forward light.  (In fact, everyone should probably just go to and read all of Dennis Prager’s columns.  He’s good.)  

Rounding it out, for now, is “Wake up America!” by Doug Wilson, in which he examines China’s way of doing business in comparison to our own.  Just in case you were wondering, we have something to worry about.  Apparently there is a follow-up article coming.  


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