Thursday, August 10, 2006

The New York Times at War With America

Here is a good article from Michael Barone at RealClearPolitics - The New York Times at War With America. It serves as a pretty good explanation of how the mainstream media seem to enjoy aiding and abetting our enemies. As long as they can perceive something as damaging to conservatives, and President Bush in particular, they will push it to the front page and to-hell-with-the-consequences.

Freedom of the press is one of our greatest strengths as a nation and world power -- heck, freedom of the press is the reason millions of us are able to post pretty much whatever we want on our blogs without fear of a late-night disappearance. But there is a rather obvious point at which some things would be better off going unsaid.


Pookie said...

Hmm I agree that the times should be careful about not endangering our security but wouldn't the terrorists have assumed their calls and money transfers could be traced? Clearly, the times didn't use the best judgement here but how much damage did they actually do? In addition, some of these programs have been judged to be unconstitutional and in a way I am sure the times sees itself as protecting us from the government.

mnthomp said...

I think that the NYT may project itself as protecting us from the government, but I think it is pretty obvious that their motivation is to advance an adgenda. And the one program that a (Clinton appointed) judge finally reviewed was unconstitutional in her opinion, which aparently counts more than that of the three previous administrations that did the same thing.