Monday, August 14, 2006

Security 'bad news for sex drive'

The BBC reports this morning that security in a relationship is 'bad news for sex drive' in women.

Any (honest) married person will tell you "duh!" of course the women's sex drive is reduced once she feels secure in the relationship. She's got you on the hook! You're committed! She doesn't have to work to make sure you stick around once you've taken the plunge. Now sex can be used as a weapon and a bargaining tool by the women, as it was naturally intended! Not some keen way to share a connection or show your love to your partner, c'mon!

Or maybe it's the guy. After a while, the motivation to actually romance your partner fades away, and the women's response to this would logically be a reduced sex drive.

I'm guessing it's a combination of the two. But technology has once again come to the rescue of both parties: for the women, "tupperware" parties; for the men, internet porn.

Do I have an unhealthy outlook on life? (hehe)


Pookie said...

Do you really want an answer to that question? I think they missed an important factor about the sex drive... kids. I would imagine the majority of 30 year old women that had been married for 4 years would have a little monster or two and that could definately affect things.

Melissa said...

How is "tupperware parties" technology? Exotic Dancing Lesson that's where it's at. 3 DVDs: Core Basics, Individual Routine, and Chair Dancing. Comes with your own boa. Just call 1-800-Hip-Roll! (I'm really not joking...they for real have these...)