Friday, February 09, 2007

Teacher Faces Prison for Pop-Up Infested PC

"Crazy, but true: Woman convicted of exposing minors to porn, could serve 40 years."

You've gotta read this article. Talk about horrible abuse of power, the law, the courts, and tax payer money! This poor substitute teacher who can apparently barely turn a computer on and check her mail on AOL could go to prison for a long, long time for legitimately using a computer that had not been protected against spam / spyware / malware / adware, etc.

Go here to listen to an American Public Media (public radio) interview regarding this debauchery.

It sounds like a bunch of computer illiterate cops and prosecutes had it out for this poor lady. Also, these kids were in 7th grade, so they are like, 12 or 13 years old. Probably not their first experience with porn. Hardly a innocence shattering experience.

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Wiwille said...

Scratch this as another reason I'll never go into the teaching industry.

Seriously the woman could've used better judgement, such as throwing a coat over the monitor or simply switching it off even though she was instructed not to, but still to convict this person a sex offender when she was clearly just someone who's behind in the information age is asanine.