Thursday, February 08, 2007

Vintage Internet, Pop Culture, and Swing

Here is an interesting editorial from Salon Magazine from April 1999(!) discussing, among other things, how pop culture and feature films are influenced by television commercials. It specifically addressed how the 1998 GAP "Khakis Swing" commercial introduced the world to what would become known as "Bullet Time" a year later in The Matrix. It's a good read, and a good example of what the Internet was like eight years ago. [They had the internet then? ;) ...Yes, but apparently without pictures.]

For those of you too young or too forgetful to remember the commercial in question, here it is:

More information on this clip can be found at Duncan TV Ad Land.

This commercial really did have an influence on pop culture. For those of us who were already into the swing scene [Yes, I am Pre-GAP commercial], it was an affirmation that what we were doing really was cool. It undoubtedly inspired many to get into swing dancing. I'd bet it sold a lot of Louis Prima records. And it was a proving ground for the "bullet time" thing.

Also from the annals of vintage internet, check out this awesome article from the neo-conservative magazine National Review - back before it was the National Review Online. "Upswing - jitterbug, or swing, dancing popular in 1998," discusses how neo-swing might just be more than a fad, in fact, a full-blown craze. If only it would have survived in the mainstream, not relegated to the local bands with little labels. Tear. :'(

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