Sunday, January 29, 2017

Don't Run So Hard!

I'm all about running, and even running hard, but these pour bastards are not enjoying themselves.

In my humble and completely non-validated opinion, if you're just running for the heck of it, as I imagine most users of the Map My Run service are, you have no business looking this miserable.  Unless you're being paid by a shoe / apparel / whatever company to spend all your time thinking about running, or you're being chased by something that can do you some serious harm, and you're still this unhappy looking, you should probably find a new hobby.

I mean, I don't always love every minute of my runs, but there are four people in this picture who are clearly not enjoying themselves.  They are sprinting for their lives, trying to advertise for a "challenge" that involves running an average of about 12 miles per week.  Nothing to shake a stick at, but not exactly Olympian territory.  Wouldn't a picture of a group of runners who look like they are enjoying their chosen pastime and might, just possibly, have a life outside of running really hard in your particular brand of running gear be a tad more inclusive and encouraging?

Folks who are going to run more than 600 miles this year have figured out some other source of motivation, and watching others struggle probably isn't it.

Now, take a deep breath, smile, and have a nice jog.  Or walk.  Or swim.  Or read.  Whatever makes you happy, even if it's a struggle.  :o)

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