Monday, October 30, 2006

The Folly of "The Folly of Citizen Journalism"

This column / overblown blurb by tech blogger John C Dvorak got me with its title, but failed to deliver any substance. I was hoping for an insight on what he thought of the blogosphere or the state of the "pajama clad" masses at their keyboards.

What I got was, well, nothing.

Citizen media is worthless and mundane; Big Media misses what needs to be said and panders to advertisers; Digg promotes group-think.

The piece only has a few good sentences:
For local insight, I'd suggest a list of local bloggers—and note that most bloggers call themselves bloggers, not journalists. There is no pretense.
Which any of us who actually does blog would obviously agree with.

Citizen journalism, to me, is like citizen professional baseball—it's just not practical. You can't play professional baseball just because you think the Seattle Mariners stink. You're not a good enough ballplayer.
Which is also just a nicely worded tid-bit of common sense.

Don't even read the article. It's not worth your time. Go check Google News instead.


Pookie said...

ouch! Hope you didn't copy this to the author.

mnthomp said...

He's a big boy, he can take it.