Thursday, October 05, 2006

Microsoft To Rip Your Head Off If You Pirate Vista

Microsoft To Rip Your Head Off If You Pirate Vista, says the really crappily written article on, which did not cite any sources. Google news has a bunch of sources here if you want to actually look yourself.

Basically Microsoft's Windows Vista will just render your computer unusable if you do not have a "genuine" copy that you shelled out some huge sum of money for.

Is anyone suprised?


TracieLacy said...

OMG, I just realized that I'm addicted to your blog...Geez Louise!

mnthomp said...

I'm flattered and I'm glad you're entertained... but I don't think it's really that amazing. I'm just an easily amused geek that can type at a pace just fast enough not to have it interfere with my real work. Well, not too much.

TracieLacy said...

Your personality seems to be very unique which is what keeps me entertained. Yay for you! :)