Monday, October 09, 2006

Seven Levels of Photographers

"Bad rich amateurs think fuzzy B/W images of poor people are art."

(Seven Levels of Photographers © 2005

I wish photograhy were free.

Actually, I wish film and developing were free, and that I had enough time to mess with it.

Ken Rockwell (who happens to be one friggin' good photographer) is right... it's not the camera that makes art. The camera is there to help you put what you see onto paper or the screen. It's job is to get out of the way.

Of course, the expensive cameras get out of the way a little faster then the cheap ones.


Pookie said...

true but isn't there a certain amount of pride in knowing that you took the pic with a $15 plastic camera and it still kicks ass?

mnthomp said...

That is very true... I'm kinda tempted to get one of those plastic suckers. (It's a Holga, btw.) I think that having a darkroom would help the sucess and the creative process a bit when you're using a hunk of crap like that.

Pookie said...

hmmm maybe we could convert my bathroom?