Monday, July 17, 2006


Here is Richard Gere's letter, China-Tibet: Railroad to perdition in the Editorials & Commentary section of today's International Herald Tribune.

Now, as y'all know, I'm not one of those "Save Tibet" whiners, and I'm certainly not a big fan of Richard Gere's socio-political aspirations, but as much as I don't like these folks, I hate Communist China.

And don't get me wrong; as usual, I don't have a problem with the Chinese people. They are as hard working and industrious as anyone else. But they are under the blade of a totolitarian, communist dictatorship that denies them of any way to really better themselves (their Gross Net Income per capita is still only $1,740 - and you can bet that 90% of that is in the big cities).

Sure, China is one of our great trading partners (read: we buy their crap, not the other way around).; sure, they're on the UN Security Council and pretend to be our friends; but in reality, they're just a cleaned up front for the old communist ways of the cold war. And we had best remember that fact.

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Pookie said...

He has some good points but I'm afraid there is no way the Dahli Lama is going to be included in decision making. That's a little to wishful.