Tuesday, July 11, 2006

What the Internet smells like

We have determined what the Internet smells like!

This afternoon, while creepy gmail chatting with eachother at our respective jobs and being totally productive, the discovery went something like this:
me: eeek!
no nose allowed
Melissa: sad
no smelling for the creepers
(creepers= the creepy gmail chat smileys)
me: ah, thatwould be sad... but what does the internet smell like?
maybe they're better off
Melissa: ew...
it smells like porn... and used crap that's for sale on ebay.
me: there are probably a lot of old decrepid sites out there that spell like old people too
Melissa: mm hmm
me: old people, used stuff, and porn
Melissa: ew
that's gross

For those of you who have not used Gmail and/or it's "chat" feature, you're missing out. It allows any Gmail user who is logged in to talk to anyone of their other Gmail contacts who are also logged in right there in the page. Pretty nifty.

But the coolest part is that when you type :) or :D or :'( the system knows that you wanted a smile, a grin, or a tear. But instead of dorkily putting a little yellow blob face in your text, it smoothly and creepily rotates your text into the face you were trying to make. And, apparently, you can't copy and paste one to demonstrate.

But you can't type a nose. As in :-). If you do, your little smily face just sits there with a crik in its neck and you look like a looser and a dork.

So, that is how we determined what the internet smells like. Old people, used stuff, and porn.

Or maybe it smells like a compost heap...

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Anonymous said...

good to know.... the random conclusions my friends come to.