Monday, July 24, 2006

Saddest Thing EVER

This is quite possibly the saddest thing I have ever seen. Not only is this poor little kitten not going to ever make it onto CuteOverload, it is going to be horribly confused all the time because it has TWO FACES!

Of course, Fox News has coverage of this poor little abomination of a Two-Faced Kitten Born in Oregon in June. Complete with slightly freaky picture. (Which I did not have the heart to post here.)

This not only brings new meaning to "another mouth to feed," (which in this case goes to the same stomach, so does it really apply?) but also makes you wonder why we still havn't seen Tom Scientology Cruise's new baby (born around the same time). But I think the take-away message from this freak-of-psudo-nature is that Eastern-Oregon Rednecks should never be allowed to breed animals. As cute as miniature cast would be, it seems like it would only end in tears.

1 comment:

Pookie said...

oh it could make it. Its twice as cute as other kittens :o)